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Guide to Zoom Settings for Online Music Lessons

Here are some step by step instructions to make sure your Zoom audio settings are optimised for flute lessons. 

Desktop instructions

iOS/Android instructions

*Note: Once you make these changes, Zoom should remember them, meaning you do not have to do this before every lesson unless you go back and reset settings.


Before the lesson:

1. Open Settings by clicking on the cog in the top right or by clicking on your profile picture and choosing Settings 

2. Click on Audio in the menu on the left


3. Uncheck Automatically adjust microphone volume

4. Click on Advanced

5. Check the box to 'Show 'Enable Original Sound'....

6. Disable Suppress Background Noise 





During the lesson:

1. Make sure your correct microphone is selected (if you have more than one option, ie headphone mic or computer mic) by clicking the arrow next to the Mute button in the bottom left corner.

2. Turn on Original Sound with button in top left corner

iOS & Android

Before you join the meeting, open Zoom on your device, go to Settings > Meetings, and switch Use Original Sound on.

During the lesson, make sure your
Original Sound is On