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Well, hello there! I’m Alexandra and
I'm not your typical flute teacher.  

Music is fun. And making music on the flute is even better (it really is the best instrument!). As a London-based flute tutor with over 18 years of professional and performance experience, I can teach students the skills they need to play music. The key word there is 'play'. Music making is creative, and creativity is just a mode of play. That's why you need more than a stuffy music teacher with all the credentials – you need some who brings joy to learning.

You need someone who sings to her cat even though he wishes she wouldn't, who loves to boogie, who laughs at the drop of a hat (nothing funnier than a dropped hat, I say), and thinks the flute is the best thing since sliced bread. 

In short, you need an enthusiastic, very competent, credentialed, goofball – like me!

Are you ready to toot the flute and have a hoot?

Rated 5 stars by students


I started to take lessons from Alex around a year ago. I have learned so much and her teaching style is just brilliant. I really love her lessons and I can’t recommend Alex highly enough.  

Christoph, adult student


Alexandra is awesome. She is the nicest teacher that we have ever had (honest!). She is so kind, bubbly and caring: always wants to lend a hand. My daughter has learnt so much from her and loves to learn with her. 

Lenne, mother of primary student


Alex is a super friendly, knowledgeable and supportive teacher. In the couple of months that she's been teaching me, I've really enjoyed my lessons and have made quick progress. Thanks, Alex!! 

Rob, adult student



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