What are Tiny Toots lessons?

Tiny Toots lessons are geared toward early childhood students (ages 3-5) who are fascinated by the flute but still a bit too tiny for a flute. 

Using the easy-to-play Nuvo TooT, young kids are able to pick up basic flute skills such as posture and embouchure while learning to read and understand music. I use lots of games, colourful music and engaging activities to make learning fun!

Lessons are taught in a course of 10 weekly 30-minute sessions for £335.
Find out what is included in the fee here.

I'm a proud member of the FlutePlay as one of their #littlefluteexperts. 

What is the Nuvo TooT?

This is the bright-coloured plastic instrument that makes a great first step towards flute. It is small enough for tiny toot hands and comes with two mouth piece options - one that's as easy to play as a recorder and another that mimics the flute. 

This is a great way for students to start learning about flute posture, fingerings and embouchures without the frustration of perfecting sound production from the beginning!

They are wonderfully cheap and available in lots of colours. (I've got a pink one!)


Why start with Tiny Toots?

The flute can be a difficult instrument to start - it's hard to get your first sound - and its hard for tiny arms to reach all the keys, which means that kids interested in the flute may end up starting music lessons much later. 


By signing up for tiny toots lessons, young kids are able to start learning the basics of music, while playing a fun-coloured instrument that is as easy to play as a recorder, but teaches all the important flute basics. 


Combining several schools of early childhood music teaching methods, tiny toot lessons use a colourful pre-notation system before introducing grown-up music notation, making learning to read music super easy!


What is included in the Tiny Toots fee?

A course of 10 lessons and everything you need for them! 

Signing up for Tiny Toots lessons is super easy. The fee includes a welcome packet that includes everything your tiny toot will need for their lessons, including an instrument!

The welcome packet includes your very own Nuvo TooT (you can choose from a range of colours!), a method book pdf, and lots of fun, colourful goodies and toys to help make learning music exciting. 


The Benefits of early childhood music

There are so many reasons to introduce music lessons to young students, but here are just a few of my favourites ones!


1. Fosters creativity